Better healthcare for Canadians

Future Health Ventures is dedicated to exploring new ways to improve the lives of Canadians through innovative health services and technologies. We believe that better healthcare isn’t just a dream, it’s a right. That’s why we work tirelessly to help people live their best lives by providing quality healthcare options, technologies, and support. At Future Health, health is our future.

"Technology is a tool to enable more human connections, more human interaction and better care."


To support and promote positive improvements in the quality of healthcare across Canada.

We are committed to contributing to a better world through leading and supporting quality improvement initiatives, establishing health promotion networks for elders and developing disaster response solutions. Most importantly, we believe that the road to better healthcare is about more than just improving technology, it’s a mindset that says it’s not enough to leave things the way they are. We need to find the areas where things aren’t working and innovate ways to make them better. That is why we are here; that is what drives us.


To be leaders in the development of a strong and integrated healthcare system that offers better healthcare for all Canadians.

We aren’t just part of the pack, we lead it. We say “no” to good enough and develop new methods and strategies to counter some of humankind's pressing healthcare problems. That means we always seek to make healthcare better. Because a tomorrow where people can lead healthier, happier lives is not only worth it, it’s a human right.

“The most dangerous phrase in the English language is ‘We’ve always done it this way.'”
- Rear Admiral, Grace Hopper